Text Box: Several questions have arisen about our congregation from callers who have indicated an interest in our group. To help those who might also like to know more about us, we have added this FAQ page. As always, we invite anyone with questions to please give us a call if your questions are not answered.

What is your Sabbath meeting like?
We generally begin with hymns, then have a scripture reading, announcements and then onto a message. The messages are generally given by a local member, an invited speaker or by audio or video recording. After the message, we have a question and answer period where the speaker will answer questions related to the message, or where we can discuss what we heard in the message. Generally about once a month we have a congregational bible study where the members research a topic and then bring relevant scriptures to discuss. 

2. Is there anything unusual about your congregation?
A. Some people might consider our philosophy that the brethren need to make their calling and election sure by taking control of their spiritual growth, rather than just sitting in a chair with a figurative “funnel in the head” where people are told what to think. What is unusual is that we believe the brethren need to be responsible for their spiritual growth. This is not everyone’s “cup of tea,” but if you like a small, loving group where you will be encouraged to grow in grace and knowledge then we just might be a place you will enjoy. 

3. Is there a dress code?
A. Yes. You should wear what you have that you would feel comfortable appearing before God wearing. We are not the fashion police.

4. What about children?
A. Right now, our youngest member is a mid-teen. We believe that teens are of sufficient maturity that they need to hear the Word of God plainly expounded and not delivered by programs aimed at little children. That said, as brethren join us with little children we will set up programs to teach those children in a way that their minds can handle. Because of our loose association with the aforementioned ministries, we can provide those programs for those with children. In the interim, we do have an area at the back of our hall where children can be given quiet toys to play while the message for the day is being delivered. We do look forward to the day when we are large enough to have a children's ministry but until then we will make do and teach these young, up and coming Christians as best our Father gives us a way.

5. Are you affiliated with other groups?
A. All of our members have come from various Sabbath-keeping groups. One of the things that we celebrate within our group is our removal of hierarchical interference with our worship of God. In plain language, we believe that we all have one Christ, one mediator with God, who made one sacrifice for all men to have access to God through Him, not through other men. Because of this, although we do loosely associate ourselves with other groups such as Christian Educational Ministries, Guardian Ministries and Church of God Outreach Ministries, we stand alone before our God and do not look to a centrally controlled organization for permission to do anything related to our worship.

6. Are you a large group?
A. Right now, we are about 12 members who meet for fellowship, to sing, and to hear a message (sometimes live by local members or invited speakers and sometimes recorded) on the Sabbath Day. We welcome all visitors who wish to fellowship with us in peace.

You can contact the church by email at: admin@Houston-Church-of-God.org
You can also contact the church by phone at 281-768-5582.

Frequently Asked Questions

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